OneLaunch 4.95

The desktop integration to upgrade your Windows experience

OneLaunch is a Windows application that allows you to have all your active programs, websites, and shortcuts visible from one single interface. It also features useful information, such as weather, time, temperature, and news headers,

After installation, the program appears as a toolbar in the upper part of the screen. It shows a search window to perform web queries. Also, it shows your active windows as well as the documents you recently closed, so you can save some time by clicking on them instead of opening the program and then selecting the documents you need. Finally, the toolbar shows shortcuts to weather information, the snipping tool, Windows' file explorer, your clipboard history, and the recycle bin.

When you click on the left corner of the toolbar, the panel will open, showing you the actual time and temperature, detailed weather information, a selection of news headers, and a series of shortcuts to popular sites such as Amazon, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

You can customize many of the program's features. For example, you can add other shortcuts such as Hulu, Wikipedia. or eBay. Also, you can ad shortcuts to Windows programs you use frequently, such as the calculator, Media Player, and more, as well as games, e-mail services, and more.

The drawbacks of the program are that it uses its own web browser also called OneLaunch instead of your default browser. This program is considered as potentially unwanted since it gathers information about your browsing habits. Also, some of its functions now are part of an update for Windows 10, which makes the program redundant.

Victor Hernandez
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  • It is free
  • Customizable


  • Some of its activities are detected as malicious by antivirus software
  • Uses its own browser as default
  • Some of its features appear on a new Windows 10 update
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